Do you face difficulties in checking your US gift card balance? Now you don’t since the US bank launched its official website called Mygiftcardsite to help out its customers. This new website is an initiative of the US bank to provide all the essential information related to their account anytime. For instance, it gives information regarding the gift card balance and other account details. But how you can avail this facility. Well, for that you need an account on the Mygiftcardsite. Here is some more detail about this website and steps to create an account over it.

An overview of US banks

US bank, no doubt is a well-known bank in the United States. U.S. Bancorp a company which based in Minneapolis in the Minnesota state of US is the holder of this bank. Currently, its proudly acquiring the seventh largest bank in the US with 3106 branches and 4842 ATMs across the nation.  Apart from this, the current CEO of this bank is Andrew Cecere who is on the position since 2017.

Since a long time, this bank is offering quality service to its customer. As a result of which its customer base is expanding with time. Moreover, the service it provides at present includes Banking, Investment, Mortgage, Trust and Payment services. Let’s dig into its historical background.

Historical aspect of the US bank

Back in the year 1891, the US bank established its first branch in the Portland, Oregon. US bank set with the name of United States National Bank of Portland. The bank growth increased year after year as it merged with other banks and spanned its market. It was the time when it changed its name to the US bank. Moreover, the company which at present is the holder of its share U.S. Bancorp set up a little later on 9th September 1964.

In such a long history, it went through many changes. One of significant difference took place in August 1983. It was the time when the U.S. Bancorp acquired the hold over this bank. Some of the acquisition possess by the bank include Spokane, Camas, Seattle, Forest Grove, Eureka, Auburn, Seattle and a few more on the list. Slowly it started steeping into another part of the U.S. using these purchases. Let’s look at the list of services this bank offers its customer nowadays.

What service offered to the customer

US bank a pioneer in the banking industry has service in every field. Be it your need personal banking services or for small-scale businesses or a big commercial organization.

In personal banking, they provide services of opening and managing savings account. Besides providing loans, Investment and wealth management services, Mortgage, Refinance are in their services list. They also offer customers with Credit cards and gift cards.

In case a customer seeks services for its small-scale business, it provides all those services he needs. Like opening business account along with credit and financing facilities. Now paying to customers and employees made easy with its facilities. They have a solution for making and accepting payment.

In the corporate business sector, its services help a lot in managing every task. Numerous of services it provides employee services, financing services, and investment services. Apart from this, it has deposit and payment solution, Corporate payment solution and other services customized according to the business.

Moving to the last segment which is the core businesses. Here it provides Wholesale banking, customer and small business banking. Besides one can avail Payment services, wealth management, and security services.

Awards and accolades

US bank receives a lot of recognition for its quality services and customer satisfaction that it offers since years. For that matter, there are several awards and accolades it bagged. A few awards to mention are the 2016 New product of the year award. It receives this award from the BIG group for corporate payment services. Besides it has got Business Premium Award and applauded for Business Edge Platinum card.

About the US bank gift card

There is the possibility that at least once you heard about gift card since it is much popular currently. The objective behind the making of this card is to sort out the gifting difficulty. Moreover, on a few occasions, it gets tricky to decide what to gift. The gift card gives customer has a new solution to this problem. Gifting someone this card will provide them with the freedom to buy their gift and use this card as a payment option.

Function of the US bank gift cards

It is entirely possible that many people are not aware of the US bank gift cards function. Moreover, a gift card given by the US bank has a similar function to that of Visa credit card and prepaid card. These gift card provided by the US bank ranges between $25 and $500. Once you got a gift card worth a specific amount, you can use it for shopping. The amount for which you shopped will get deducted automatically from the card. Besides, a gift card comes with a validity date which means it will expire after that date. The gift card holder has to pay charges or fee in some instances. For instance, if someone does not use their card within the expiry date or if the card gets stolen or lost.

mygiftcardsiteAdvantages of using gift card

Undoubtedly there are several advantages of using a gift card. Here are some of these advantages.

  • A gift card is a convenient alternative to carrying money. Now your wallet reduced to a single card that is usable to different locations such as movie hall, restaurants and shopping malls.
  • Not just offline but you can carry out online mode shopping with this card.
  • No more hassle of searching your perfect gift in stores. That is, you can gift your loved one’s gift card which they will use in buying those stuff they want.
  • You may avail discounts and earn profits via your bank gift cards.

How to check your gift card balance

To check your gift balance, you need to follow a step by step process. Believe its quick and simple method you ever come across. To begin with, first, you have to go to official website. For that matter type the address in the google search engine. Once the site opened, you will find a block asking for some details like card number and card security number. Fill up these details and press for logging in your account. There you are at right page displaying all your account details.