Gift cards are trending gifting item that both the gift sender and receiver are fond off. Talking about those who are gifting it, they find it convenient to purchase where email gift card allows them to send it to people living at distant. Those who receive it as a gift can spend that money in the way they want. As people are now showing more interest in buying and gifting it here are some facts regarding gift card which you should know.

1. Different charges included in the Gift Card

Different banks are providing the gift card to their customer with different terms and conditions. Some of the banks charge fees while handing down the gift card while some don’t charge any fees. Those banks which charge money at the time of gift card purchase charges it in the name of activation charge or purchasing fees. However, they charge nominal costs that will be not more than $10. The activation fees will be corresponding to the gift card limit.

Besides this, some bank even deducts amount if your gift card remains unused for a year. If you want to refund your card once its validity is over, but the card remains unused, they will deduct some amount and then handover the remaining money. In some bank gift cards, you have to pay if the gift card is lost or stolen. By giving the charges, you will get a new card as a replacement for the card you lost.

2. Check before trashing your used Cards

You can use your gift cards in the shopping, paying bills at the restaurant, buying tickets of movie, parks and other places. Once the card gets emptied, we usually trash that card believing it a scrap. But, there are some chances you need that card again. It is when you have to return any product you shopped from that card. At the time of returning the product, the amount of the product credited to that card. So, only after carefully examining the products purchased from the card, whether you have to return it or not, destroy your gift card.    `

3. Protect your PIN

At the time of gift card purchase, you will get a personal identification number or PIN. Just like other bank cards, it is necessary to not disclose your gift card pin to anyone. If your PIN gets stolen, you should inform the bank regarding it. Also, if you forget your PIN number, you can quickly discover it by calling the bank customer service helpline.


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