Sports Authority is a trustable brand when it comes buying sports accessories. Established in 1987, it is a pioneer in the selling of sports accessories through its series of retail chains. Its headquarter is in Englewood, Colorado United States. Moreover, if you are looking to buy quality sports accessories, it is where you have to stop.

Its cool merchandise is available online or offline, and gift cards are new ways to get them. Again, to buy these gift cards, there are plenty of sites. Gift cards come in all range so you can easily purchase them in bulk. And not to mention how ideal these are when it comes to gifting something to others. For that matter, even if your loved ones are far away from you, you can still send them these gift cards via post or email. In case you feel troubled in finding out its balance here are the steps mentioned to check your gift card balance.

Methods to check your gift card balance

Currently, there are two ways to check your gift card balance. Here, for your information, there is no online method available to check the Sports Authority gift card balance. Out of these two ways, the first one is to check balance through phone and the second one is to check balance through Store locator. Now let’s look at the steps to utilize these methods.

dChecking gift card balance via Store Locator

To find out the balance via Store Locator here are the steps required to carry out.

  • Go to official website of Sports Authority and click the Store Locator option present on the site.
  • After opening the store locator page find out the nearest store locator to your place. To do it quick enter your central location in the given column. For example, your city name and zip code.
  • Once you get to know the list of stores near you, you have to visit them. You can check your card balance there with the help of card machine.

Checking gift card balance via Phone

The next method of balance checking is via your phone. It is easy to do the process as you don’t have to rush anywhere.

  • In this method, you have to make a call to the customer care of Sports Authority. For this, you will be dialing 1-877-720-6609 from your phone.
  • After carefully listening all the instruction press the right extension suggested by the operator for balance checking.
  • Enter your exact gift card number on asking of the operator.

Once done they will give you all the information regarding your gift card including balance.

Buying the Sports Authority gift cards

Not to mention, Sports Authority gift cards are available as E-gift cards and regular gift cards. To purchase the usual gift cards, all you have to do is follow simple steps.

  • Go to the certified pages selling these gift cards.
  • Click the gift card option on the page.
  • Following this, enter your correct details to make sure it’s right delivery.

Sports Authority gift cards have one significant advantage. And this advantage is your gift cards are never going to expire. So, there is no time restriction for its use. Moreover, the delivery of gift cards will take 1 to 10 working days depending on your location.

How to send E-gift cards through emails

Sending the E-gift cards to someone is like a piece of cake since all the options are present to make it convenient.

  • Choose the E-gift card option on the Sports Authority site.
  • Click on the option mentioning Email one today.
  • Select your card as per the design, value and amount you want to send.
  • Fill up all the entries like the receiver’s name, their email address, sender’s name.
  • Finally, click on the add to cart option.



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